Have you ever seen gold leaf nails? Because we sure haven’t. Our intern, Mary Rachel Kostreva, is a pro at DIY digits (seriously, girl even has her own UV lamp for gel nails, dedication!). Whether you’re at a Japanese 3D nail art level or are simply capable of applying nail decals (like our killer ncLA ones) this is an easy look to master. Here’s your shopping list:

  • Gold leafing – can be found at your local craft store
  • A nail tool, not unlike the ones the little wooden ones that come with some nail appliques
  • Clear nail polish

Step 1: Paint a base coat of clear nail polish. Before it fully dries rub gold leafing over nail until it transfers. Re-apply polish and leafing where needed. Scrape any excess gold leafing off with nail tool.

Step 2: Paint coat of clear nail polish over nail to seal gold leafing.

Wipe that skeptical look off your face! It really is that simple. Head to the store and pick up your gilded materials this afternoon for a really unique, textural design tonight.