Lifetime Collective knows that too many people in too small a van, stomping through wide open spaces, results in a week to remember. Working with Salazar, a group of progressive film directors, the outfitter chronicled in two parts “The Road Trip” and “The Trip” — the former signifying climactic moments and candid gems, while the latter explores the escapist madness and sensory trip. Don’t be surprised by the sudden urge to drive nonstop to the red sands of Arizona.

Directed by: Salazar
Styled & Cast by Mila Franovic

Hair/Makeup: Shannon Reynolds


David Adrian Mattatall (Rad Kids)
Miki Heaps (Rad Kids)
Hamish Olding at Key Model Managment
Siouxsie Gletzer (Rad Kids)

Captain/Executive Producer/Pied Piper: Trevor Fleming