We are so thrilled to finally be stocking sister-duo Kris and Kim Nations lauded jewelry line, Kris Nations! With an exciting range of both bold and lightweight pieces, the line is remarkably classic while still employing major trends like laser cut geometric patterns and rugged precious stones. Quality, inspiration, and partnership are at the core of this family business, and it is evidenced by each piece produced in their Half Moon Bay, California studio. Not surprisingly, the ladies share the same inspiration for this eclectic endeavor: their mother. An artist herself, the common aesthetic and business vision instilled in the Nations sisters shows the power of great creative encouragement and work ethic.

While the brand’s state charm series carries a legacy all its own, the art deco styled Biltmore and Montana necklaces are what really get my heart racing. And who isn’t smitten with the poppy-tomato colored beads of the Nobb Hill series? Tangerine tango in full effect right there. Added bonus: those of you operating on a fashion philosophy of sustainability will be pleased to know that Kris Nations works with recycled metals. Eccentricity, trendiness, and environmentally friendly? We’re on board with that.