The days of looking at retro photos of your mom and wishing she saved all her awesome denim bellbottoms are finally over! The fashion gods have heard our prayers with the reemergence of Dittos, an iconic denim brand from the ’70s. First causing a stir in the fashion world when they debuted in 1972, Dittos remained a closet staple for many women up until the mid-’80s and were the first “must-have” label jeans. Dittos devotees swore by their excellent fit (especially around the butt area), loved their huge array of color options and appreciated their modest pricing. Their signature element was their U-turn saddle stitch down the backside of the jean, and up until now, you were only able to find them in thrift shops or on eBay.

The brand made its first comeback back in 2007 as a premium denim brand designed under license by Daniella Clarke (Frankie B. Jeans), but are now owned by New York’s Jordache Enterprises, who have restored it to its vintage glory and revamped its look, beginning with their Spring/Summer offerings, as well as their upcoming 2012 fall collection. Bright colors, lots of flares and higher rises are the essence of the brand, with many celebrities like Ashlee Simpson and Kourtney Kardashian being spotted around town in their very own Dittos jeans. But to get you through the hot summer months, they’re currently offering cutoff shorts (check out Misty and Anna) in practically every color of the rainbow, in addition to their highly coveted denim.

While their heart may lie in vintage flares (like the new Melanie style) and high-waisted numbers, they’ve also created a number of new styles to fit the times for their Fall/Winter 2012 Look Book, including skinny silhouettes (there’s even a jegging style called Jessica), a variety of rises from mid to low (like their Bella, a mid-rise slim bootcut) and novelty finishes like shine, prints and coatings (think crocodile and leopard prints and shiny coatings) in their Dawn cut. And the best part about it all is you don’t have to break the bank to fit into a pair of Dittos, since they’re reasonably priced at less than $100. Sporting the sexy ’70s style has never been easier now that the brand that started it all is back! Oh, and wear with caution ’cause your mom might just be snagging them from your closet for herself.

Kristie Bertucci