Tabatha McGurr, the talented lady behind the Married to the Mob blog (formerly MOB Living), is currently celebrating her first book release, Tabatha. This elaborate “scrapbook for adults” is a gorgeously printed collection of collages, doodles, and musings, all pointing to her major imprint on the MTTM brand legacy. KarmaloopTV caught up with Tabatha at The Hole in NYC for her book signing last week, which she describes as an awesome night “from the graffiti-covered wood-slab table that centers the shop, to the Willy Wonka-esque gardens that fill the event space next door – it was like being in a beautiful Downtown dream.” Tab is already infamous in the streetwear world, and Tabatha is bound to become a fixture on your coffee table.

When was your “Ah-ha! I should work on a book” moment?

Well I’ve always been really big on compiling “scrapbooks” and just collecting my old images/text/collages etc., but it was honestly Leah who took the idea and turned it into a reality last year. I tend to procrastinate a lot, especially with my personal work, so she gave me that push and provided a platform for me to do me 100% – if it weren’t for her, who knows when I would’ve done it!

How did you source your images? Have you been collecting them over time? Magazines, books, online?

Just about all the images in the book are my from my own collection – family photos, personal artwork I’ve scanned, plus stickers I’ve collected over the years. The collages are the only pieces really made up of shit that’s not originally mine, mostly created using pictures/graphics I find online. They’re like an ode to all the images I love and resonate with.

We hear there is a cool sticker page – what was the inspiration for that?

Yeah, the sticker page was imperative for me. I’m somewhat sticker obsessed (challenge me if you dare) and since I wanted the book to feel like it had some more fun and dimension to it, it just seemed like the perfect idea. Plus it’s a whole collage that peels out, so if you’re into those it could look pretty dope on a wall or notebook.

Is the book all original content or are some “Best of” MOB Living type things featured?

It’s actually all old MOB Living content and one slightly newer piece I grabbed from a Complex column. The book itself has a super nostalgic feel, so I really focused on favorite older stuff rather than trying to write anything new. Trust me though, it’s never easy for a writer to read their old shit. I was cringing the whole time…

The publication was creatively directed by the New York Art Department and printed by Proof 7. Familiarize us with the New York Art Department, what is it exactly?

The New York Art Department is basically a group that supports and helps expand projects for a number of different creative individuals, whether through branding, design, marketing, etc. They’re the ones who did the layout and made it all look so crispy!

Who doesn’t want a crispy book? Stay tuned to our contest page for an opportunity to win a signed copy! Can’t wait? Pick up the book in the MTTM shop. Photos by Anthony Blue for KarmaloopTV.