In our office is a disco ball. My officemate gets credit for it as it’s been hanging since before I moved in, just casually reflecting and slightly turning when a breeze comes through the room. My favorite part about it is it’s not hanging from the ceiling; rather, it’s under a shelf. Not even a high or especially prominent shelf, just a shelf between other shelves of samples, shoes, boxes, and office supplies.

Because our disco ball sparkles among office business and everyday tasks, looking at it during the day reminds me of a disco party amidst ordinary circumstances. Or, since I don’t actually recall such a party, looking over at the mirrored décor makes me think of partying while being productive. When looking up from my computer and over to the disco ball today, I considered, how great would things be if we “partied” through life? I don’t mean literally getting wasted and letting go and perhaps being obnoxious for the better parts of our days, I mean treating day-in, day-out life like a party.

Instead of dragging ourselves to work or responsibilities, how about getting amped about them? I know writing rent checks or dealing with less than capable people isn’t sexy stuff, but we could make it sexier. If we got ready and excited for each day like we were going out to a party, and took each day on looking forward to the unknown developments and people we’d meet, already we’d be ahead of being bored, complacent, stuck, and wishing we were elsewhere. Why wait for the next party when you can frame what’s at hand as one?

Fine, maybe you’re reading this and you’re not Andrew W. K. You should still consider looking at life as a party. Enjoy the music, socialize with friends, meet some new ones. Dance even if you can’t.  If the song isn’t the greatest, don’t let it get you down, and when the song is your favorite, celebrate like it’s the best thing in the world. Respect the DJ but don’t be afraid to make a request for a game-changer. Appreciate throwbacks and get into the newest thing. Raise your glass to anyone celebrating anything. Enjoy the moment, even if you are aware tomorrow is coming tomorrow.

Too often we get caught up in the daily grind or trying to escape it. We can all use more fun and celebration in life. Just remember partying isn’t restricted to the club – you can get lost in a moment, be a rockstar, and cheers others whether at home, work, or play. Party a little today.

Stella Burchard — a New York City-based writer, sales rep, and blogger – is the Queen of Bows. For more on her + her writing, check out, her columns on M.I.S.S., or follow her on twitter!