We’ve got friendly garden pals to lighten the mood and carry all of your stuff, just in time for spring and summer travel!

UK illustrator Kate Sutton is drawing up whimsical adventures as LeSportsac’s current “Artist in Residence.” The hand-drawn artwork starts in a sketchbook, but finds a home in so many places. Her work feels innocent and pretty, as she draws inspiration from children’s stories, nature, and patterns (delicate loops, swirls, and dots).

Kate turns the delicious tasting, bad breath making, and tear provoking onion into a cutesy, hipster accessory with the Onion Pouch. Mustache here, pirate patch there (the Strawberry Pouch) and doodles galore. Garden pals frolic in the gardens and flower fields on the Double Pocket Backpack. Fall in love with the kissing birds and beautiful butterflies.

For more information on Kate Sutton, visit her website, like her on Facebook, and shop her work on Etsy.

Sydney Lindberg