Once I saw the colorful wrapped chain bracelets trend, I could not resist a DIY! Who doesn’t want a personalized spring accessory? Jewelry gets ten extra cuteness points when you make it by hand.

Here is what you’ll need: a curbed, chain-link bracelet (like the Chunky Chain Bracelet in Gold from *Accessories Boutique), embroidery thread, two bobby pins, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Cut 14 strands of embroidery thread of each color, four times the length of your bracelet. I made a blue section and a light pink section. Tie all of the strands together in a knot at the top, leaving one to two inches of slack.

Step 2: Use the bobby pins to hold each section together. It will make pulling the threads through the bracelet links much easier.

Step 3: Take the first color and pull it through the first link of the bracelet. Pull the first color over the top, making a four shape with the string.

Step 4: Now take the second color (blue) and go over the first color (pink) then up through the same link on the bracelet. Repeat steps three and four, alternating colors, until you reach the end of the bracelet. I made two loops (one pink and one blue) in each chain link.

Step 5: Tie off and trim the ends. Voila! You’ve got a beautiful new bracelet to wear.

Sydney Lindberg