By now you’ve probably seen the awesomeness that are studded shorts.  Want a pair but don’t want to break the bank? We’re here to show you how to Do It Yourself!

You’ll need: Scissors, cross-point screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, studs/spikes (we used ½ in. screwback tree spikes and 3/8” pronged dome studs from, you can also find them on eBay.)

Not pictured: A pair of shorts, bustier, anything you want to spike up! Seam ripper + Pliers (These are not necessary but would certainly make your life a bit easier) Last but not least, patience!  The process is easy but fairly time consuming.

Because the processes are a bit different, we’re going to do two separate tutorials, one for the spikes and one for the studs.

For the SPIKES:

Step 1: Find an article of clothing- they can be any old pair of shorts you have lying around that need to be brought back to life, or if you don’t have any you’re willing to change, you can go to the thrift store and find a pair of vintage Levi’s- you can also cut up a pair of pants into shorts!

(For our DIY, we’ve used UNIF’s the Drew Short in Blue, the Guess What Short in Black, and Free People’s the Color Blocked Crop Bra in Washed Black Combo. )

Step 2: Take a pair of scissors and with the sharper point, start to twist a hole into the fabric where you want the screw to go through.  Make sure you twist into the fabric slowly to be careful, and also to make sure you don’t make the hole too big, or the screw will fall right out.  You want to kind of have to force the screw through so it will stay in tighter at the end.

Step 3: Poke the screw in through the bottom of the fabric.

Step 4: Start to screw on the spike with your hand, then use a screwdriver to finish and make sure it’s secured tightly.

For the STUDS:

Step 1: Figure out where you want it placed, then poke it through the fabric.  The prongs are pretty sharp so they should go right through.

Step 2: Once they are through, flip to the other side where the prongs are sticking out, and with a flat-headed screwdriver, press one prong down towards the center of the stud, then do the same to the other prong.

If you want to do the back pocket like this, use a seam ripper to loosen the threads at the top.  Then pull pocket down and the threads should come right out.

Step 3: Repeat as many times as desired, and Voila!