We just got back from Coachella and all I can say is… wow. Just, wow.

From amazing performances across the board, to amazing pool parties by some of our favorite brands, and a fucking resurrected TUPAC, there isn’t a whole lot more I can say about this magical experience.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this trip… and some tips on how to enjoy your festival experience to the max.

Upon walking into the festival (as a first time Coachella-er) I was a bit overwhelmed at the vast expansive space the festival lives within. From incredible architecture to the enormous Ferris Wheel, cushioned lounge areas, and the MASSES of people… it was a lot to take in to say the least. Our first day was actually not the blazing heat that Coachella is known for.. as a matter of fact I’m going to deem the first day of the festival COLDchella because that’s exactly what it was!

Olivia Lo and myself

We linked up with the lovely Miss Olivia Lo of lusttforlife, and ran around looking for heat in the form of packs of people. It might sound gross, but if you had been wearing what I was wearing (NOT MUCH aka Alternative Apparel tank, One Teaspoon shorts, vintage net throw, and Fiebiger flats) you would have completely understood our state of mind. So that brings me to my first tip: CHECK THE WEATHER. and trust it, because we were full of misplaced doubts upon arrival and regretted the hell out of our stubborn desire to run around in a state of undress.

Arctic Monkeys!

Frank Ocean with guest Tyler the Creator

Black Keys

The second day we woke up early and started drinking… err had brunch and headed over to the festival. Since the early shows weren’t artists we were dying to see, we headed over to one of the many beer gardens and had a liquid lunch.. and met up with some more lovely ladies! Olivia (dressed in head to toe Karmaloop! Again lace dress, Sole Boutique sandals, Alternative Apparel scarf!) and her super cute BF and co-owner of her online store (shopthecaravan), Michael were there with a bunch of the ThreadSence bloggers (hi Raych!). We also roamed around with Allen of Orisue! We decided to head out to some of the awesome Coachella parties that were being thrown, wolfpack style.

One of the many beer gardens

Myself, Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic, Olivia Lo of Lusttforlife, and a couple other lovely ThreadSence bloggers!

Allen Doan of Orisue

Free Belvedere at the Motel Suite in the Belvedere Lounge!!

Myself and Head Of Merchandising for Karmaloop, Holland Smith

The Motel party was super fun, and featured a Reebok suite (with giveaways!), free Vita Coco, and AMAZING view, and most importantly… an open bar.  After, we headed back to the festival for Flying Lotus and Miike Snow (and guest star Lykke Li!! my favorite!), A$AP Rocky, and RADIOHEAD!

Miike Snow

A$AP Rocky

We left early on the second day to beat the crowd.. a tip I WISH we had remembered on the last day…

a pretty tipsy Allen, myself, and Holland

The last day we woke up super late and decided to head straight to the parties before hitting up the festival. If you live in LA you probably have heard of or hit up the Do Over party in downtown. They planned a special Coachella party at the Ace Hotel which was incredible! Guest appearance by ATRAK!

Do Over Party poppin off!

Holland, Neran, Jeremy of LRG, and Kevin

Mink Pink Party!

Karly of Mink Pink is a complete babezilla

We then headed over to the Mink Pink party mansion to link up with some of my favorite Mink Pink ladies! The party was amazing. Something right out of a scene from 90210 or The Hills.. you can see how it felt like we were living a dream.

my functional night ensemble

For the evening I wised up to the bi-polar nature of the weather and changed into a Vintage Boutique maxi dress, Obey denim jacket, and Dolce Vita booties. Practical, chic, and most importantly.. WARM.

We saw a bunch of shows (at long last I was able to fulfill my life long dream of seeing Beirut live… so incredible.) but the best by FAR was Dr. Dre and Snoop’s show at the end of the night. With hordes of guest appearances, and an otherworldly resurrection of Tupac.. I was in awe for the full set.

The Weeknd ft. Gotye

beautiful random architecture


Snoop & Dre

never have I ever before been excited to listen to 50 Cent... until this moment

Marshall motherfucking Mathers... aka Slim Shady... aka Eminem


From Warren G, Kurupt, Eminem, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, a tribute to Nate Dogg, and TUPAC, it’s like they pulled out all the stops for this show. I wonder how they can top this for next week? We stayed for the whole show and even waited for an encore that didn’t come.

That brings me to my next and last tip. If you decide to stay til the end of the main act of the main night go prepared to sit in your car in the parking lot in deadlocked traffic for about 3 hours. I advise camping for that reason only (only if you have a strong stomach though, cuz those Port-A-Potties are rrrrrough). We cooperatively trudged along the long, surreal, zombie-esque trek from the main stage to the parking lot, and then were REALLY close to committing mass homicide when we realized the parking situation. But, at the end of the day, we got to see Tupac. And three hours of waiting in a car hardly compares with that experience.

If you’re heading out this weekend have a blast!! And bring sunscreen cuz I heard the weather is going to be BLAZING.

For everyone else, see you there next year!