NERVO are quickly emerging as one of the most sought after DJ duos in electronic dance music, hitting the club charts with songs like “We’re All No One” featuring Steve Aoki and Afrojack. Not to mention, they’re gorgeous Aussie twins. NERVO continue to astonish us with their progressive stylings of writing lyrics and mixing tracks. The crowd went crazy when they dropped their new vocal anthem “Reason” at Splash Boston last week.

For the first time since Identity Fest last summer, Karmaloop got up with Mim and Liv before the set. The twins gave us the scoop on their experience at Ultra in Miami, other music festivals, and what turns them on when they’re on the dance floor.

We want to know all about Ultra, how was it in Miami and playing at the Dome? What were some of your favorite sets?

It was amazing to be at Ultra, again a massive highlight for this year already. We didn’t unfortunately get to stay and listen to other people’s sets, because we had to run off to the Delano where we were throwing a party. So unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear many people’s sets but we played at the Dim Mak party where we heard everyone’s sets. Where else did we play? Oh God.. Nikki Beach, (Liv- Our party!) We had loads of gigs, so we did get to catch other people’s sets, which was fun.

We want to know what turns you on when you’re on the dance floor.

Liv – Seeing people all go crazy turns me on to no end.
Mim – I think good songs, dirty tunes, good vibes, and a good sound system. For me the music is the key, obviously, but the whole atmosphere around it. I like lights and I like feeling the energy of the crowd as well, even when I’m in the crowd.

Do you plan your sets before you perform?

Always. We always know what we’re going to start with and what we’re going to end with. And then the middle is just really the journey on where we want to take it while we’re there.

What influences that journey?

Normally our own tracks, because we’ve got quite a few at the moment where we have to be spacing them out a lot so, we have to make sure we play tracks that suit our next releases. We’re finding it harder and harder now that we’re releasing more and more stuff actually.

So, what do you prefer, the club scene or the festival scene?

I mean, right now walking into a club like this, with low ceilings and where people are going nuts, it’s the best thing ever. But then at festivals…you know, you’ve always got good vibes at a festival. I think both of them work really well together because you change your set for it, so it’s nice to play both. Because at festivals we often play a bit harder. Whereas we go a bit deeper, a bit more progressive, a bit more housey in clubs.

Do you guys miss Identity Fest at all?

Mim – Yes, 100% and you know, if they’re doing it this year… we really want to do it again, but we’re going to be living in Ibiza, so I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to do the whole tour this year.

Liv – Identity for us was such a massive highlight of last year. I mean it is like school camp for adults with alcohol. We love festivals. We’re clubbers and festival bunnies. So you know, we’ve always gone to see other DJs.

Peter Schwab and Sydney Lindberg, Photography by Peter Schwab