Forget big brother, this is next level big sister. European brand Pimkie’s new color forecast makes it possible to check out trending colors in the world’s most fashionable cities — Paris, Milan, and Antwerp — using color detection technology. There is even an iPhone app so you can check out the color forecast on the go. Basically, the forecast works by using a camera to detect the colors worn in each city, changing about every minute. I find this app particularly interesting because the forecast doesn’t seem to be predicting any kind of comprehensive trend of colors. They are based on who walks by the camera, so regardless of whether these cities are considered fashion forward or not, anyone can walk by and be detected. This not only shows an the ubiquity of color, but it shows that much like the weather, fashion can be unpredictable in a long term sense. Fashion is something that’s always changing and re-appropriating itself, continuously mirroring cultural happenings. Celebrities and industry experts might say what colors are going to be hot for each season, but Pimkie’s Color Forecast gives us a real sense of what’s going on. Isn’t that what we really want?

Mary Rachel Kostreva