One company is giving a whole new meaning to Twitter with Shitter. Last week a new service launched that will print your feed on 2-ply toilet paper and send you 4 rolls of Kanye‘s rants, Angelina’s right leg’s escapades, and Selkoe’s DJ Slurpy Slurping.

“Social media has never been so disposable” is the company’s motto. It’s a nod to meaningless and ephemeral tweets. Haters probably think it’s putting the output of Twitter where it rightfully belongs.

Might be a funny gag, but the $35 TP is a bit more expensive than Cottonelle. But can you put a price on hilarious bathroom reading? We want to know… whose tweets do you want to wipe your ass with?

Head on over to to get your very own Twitter-feed TP.

Sydney Lindberg