While all the students out there (my interns included) are planning their spring breaks, I sit enviously wishing I could come with them. Those March departures may be approaching, but don’t freak if you haven’t planned vacation outfits yet… we’ve got packing lists for all of SB2K12′s hotspots! Mary Rachel likes color and kitsch — 2 things in high demand at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, taking place later this month.

As most of you know, from spring to summer there are countless music festivals to attend, so it’s our job to help you prepare and look your best for all! Every March, electronic music fans from all over the world migrate to Miami to attend Ultra Music Festival. Here are some must-have items to pack if your among these people:

  1. What’s more appropriate for Ultra than these metallic shorts by Tripp NYC? Reflective and fun!
  2. These 90′s-liscious rainbow platforms by Jeffrey Campbell are so candy raver in all the right ways. They’re perfect for the warm Miami weather, and will give you a boost to see above the Ultra crowd.
  3. You’re going to need a bag to contain your gear, so why not choose this bright and undeniably fun backpack by Joyrich?
  4. Wildfox‘s neon pink bathing suit top will definitely give a nice pop of color under any top you wear!
  5. Probably the only weekend of the year besides Halloween where wearing these Betsey Johnson furry leg warmers paired with a skimpy outfit is 100% acceptable.
  6. Of course you’ll need sunglasses in the Miami sun! These Jeremy Scott shades are so cyber punk and ready to be rocked at Ultra.
  7. Wear your excitement on your chest with this cropped tee by Your Eyes Lie! What’s more expressive than wearing something that clearly states exactly how you feel?
  8. If platforms aren’t your thing, these sparkly silver Vans are a great alternative. They’re fun, comfortable, and ready to be raved in.
  9. Bringing in another pair of outrageous Jeremy Scott shades, these heart shaped glasses will make everyone feel the love.
  10. Last but not least, if you’re planning on raving you need at least one mesh clothing item! This Free People mesh top is the perfect choice!

Mary Rachel Kostreva