the White Leather with Stingray Bowtie by Harlett! This one was tricky, especially if you don’t normally have an eye for exotic leather. That being said, you better acquaint yourself fast because the entire Harlett bowtie run is almost exclusively unusual leathers. Buzz has been generating around the office for weeks, given that we have the designer here in house, photographer Jackie Earhart. Joining the ranks of other proud bowtie wearers is the Peep Show winner, Jesse Baker!

If you’ve been lusting after the perfect lil’ bowties from afar, I want you to know that these handmade babies are worth every penny. Handmade. With lots of care. Always on the lookout for creative opportunity, Jackie developed Harlett in reaction to her family history of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. Joined by Chris Earhart, her partner in business and in life (daaaawww), the duo produces both edgy women’s accessories and distinctive men’s leather goods (shop Holliday on KL).

Menswear inspired garb is trendier than usual these days and we really dig the lasting power of a quirky bowtie. Think of it like a necklace: these pieces can rough up or polish off any combination of blouses, flannels, dresses, and tanks that you can dream up. Might just be the most versatile thing you pick up all spring.

In the spirit of peeping, check out these shots of upcoming styles. I’m drooling over the crackled gold and groovy pinkish-blue set!

To see more of Jackie’s inspiration and behind-the-scenes looks at her projects, visit Harley and Harlett.