Adding fuel to the East vs. West Coast fire, Sprinkles debuted a 24-hour cupcake ATM. If you have ventured to the City of Angels, then you know that Sprinkles Beverly Hills is almost single-handedly responsible for the international cupcake craze. These are some A-List cupcakes we’re talking about. Cravings can now be fulfilled on a whim. Assuming the line isn’t stupidly long, we fear for all you LA bitties… soon you may be exclusively wearing stretchy pants.

The automatic cupcake machine will be stocked with freshly baked cupcakes (drool), cupcake mixes (if you want to save the drooling for home), apparel (hopefully they sell things with elastic waists?), and cupcakes for the little pups (because you know, they aren’t spoiled enough already). Whoever invented this cheeky ATM is deserving of a Nobel Prize, amirite?

Oh yeah and if your teeth can handle it, Sprinkles will be opening an ice cream parlor next door to its ATM.

West Coast: 1, East Coast: ….also 1 (we have Ladurée in NYC, booyah!)

[via LAist]