A little birdie told me you guys have questions out there about what fits, what doesn’t, how to wear challenging pieces, and the right silhouettes for your body type. If there is one thing I love to do, it’s helping ladies compose an outfit! I may not have all the answers but I’ve got a few ideas on how to complement varied figures.

Once a week I will be taking your questions and giving my two cents on how to properly rock something or fix those wardrobe malfunctions you haven’t quite figured out yet.

I’m very excited about today’s questions regarding a couple topics I would love to address!

1. How do I style a crop top for an office environment?

OK, so anyone who knows me knows I love crop tops. I’ve been sneaking them in over the past few years. Now that these midriff baring hemlines are everywhere, I understand wanting to get the most wear out of them on days you aren’t feeling belly ready or want to take on the task of wearing them to work. I have two simple suggestions: layering and high waisted bottoms. Personally, I am fan of high waisted garments in the workplace in general. And this is the way to go if wearing a layer under your crop top may still be inappropriate for your workplace. An example for achieving this look is the pairing of Motel’s Hilary Crop Top in Duck Egg Blue with a patterned pencil skirt (above). Swap out your crazy shoes for muted black pumps and throw on a black blazer to be boardroom-ready.

2. What is the ideal way to incorporate a bodysuit into a bar outfit?

Well, if it doesn’t unbutton at the bottom… don’t wear it! (Just imagine what will happen once you “break the seal.”) From there it’s pretty easy. I like bodysuits for their fitted effect; you will have a nice tucked-in look without any unwelcome bunching along your waistline. Don’t judge me for being biased here, but once again, something high waisted would be very flattering. I think a pair of high rise jeans would be perfection. For one, they flatter most butts — of course you know your own rear so use your discretion. Plus, if you are at the bar and you are drinking, you probably don’t want to worry about a skirt hiking up all night! Definitely wear heels with your denim to elongate the leg. Trust me — you’ll be looking just as hot as the girl in the mini skirt but you won’t feel like you showed too much or flashed anyone by the end of the night.

My favorite options right now are the Second Skin style jeans from Cheap Monday (above). They come in all colors and textures. I have converted many friends and coworkers over to these. When putting these uber skinny jeans on, the trick is to a squat after the initial pull up, and then, do another pull up! You heard it here.

Colors shown: Dark Prest Blue, Satin White, and Wide Stripe.

If you have a style question send it to us at blogsubmission@karmaloop.com!

Graphics by Mary Rachel Kostreva