We got a chance to chat with major internet personality, Jeffree Star! He filled us in on his inner diva, an upcoming EP, and role models. Plus we dig his words of advice.

You are a man of many talents. Are you a musician, makeup artist, or a web sensation first?

I’m just a small town girl with a big heart! And I would say I’m a makeup artist first… gotta put on that face before I start singing and being a sensation right? I actually started out doing makeup at MAC Cosmetics when I was 18, then moved on to celebrities, music videos, and porn shoots… then, figured I should be in front of the camera instead of behind it slaving away dealing with bitchy famous people.

You always look like a diva. What influences your style? Do you have any icons or role models?

Growing up I would sit in my room and look through the pages of Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan wishing I could look like all the Dior and Marc Jacobs ads.. I loved dressing up and used to steal my mom’s eyeshadow to wear to school. I grew up on the Spice Girls and pop music so I’d definitely like to thank Ginger Spice for inspiring me to wear crazy shoes and have different colored hair. My only role model is my MAC Cosmetic’s black mascara and Make Up For Ever glitter!

When did the inner diva come out in you?

I started wearing makeup at age 13 trying different looks and loved shopping rather than staying after school to play football. I know it’s hard to believe, but I was a full-on black lipstick wearing goth that wore trench coats (pre-Columbine) and huge platform sneakers. I was in 10th grade when I shaved my eyebrows off and my grandparents almost had strokes… but I think always doing what you want and staying true to yourself is important. I love having fun and fashion is a big part of my life. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have too much makeup on (unless you do, then I’m gonna blend that shit for you!) or that you have to fit in because I’d rather be happy than feel like shit inside.

What made you initially join MySpace, taking your career to a whole new level?

Honestly, I had a lot of free time in high school. Everyone else was trying drugs and being catty or obsessed with being popular (ironic, I know…) and I was a straight A student who was bored with Orange County, CA (my hometown) so I spent hours on the internet posting photos of myself, writing blogs about life and my opinions on shit, and people started to gravitate to me. I was already big on older websites like facethejury.com. So when MySpace started I told everyone to follow me over. I had NO idea that in 2 years I would become the biggest unsigned artist on the internet and start a music career out of all the attention!

Your third EP Virginity is coming out in March. What was your creative process behind this?

My first single is called “Prom Night” and it’s produced by Akon.  It’s full-on dance pop with a dash of glamour and sexual frustration. My EP has been pushed back a few months so I can focus on the promotion of the single. Radio has started spinning the song and it’s being played a lot in clubs! We’ll see what happens… everyone always asked me, “Is the world finally ready for Jeffree Star?” – I guess we’ll see.

Beside Akon, are there any other artists cameos on the album?

On the Virginity EP it’s just me but on the full length there are some AMAZING guest features… I can’t really say who yet, but my hardcore fans may already know!

Which social media outlet do you currently prefer: MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook?

Right now I’m obsessed with Instagram!!! But I love Twitter because it’s easy to talk to my fans and keep a personal relationship with them!

 Do you have any favorite fan sites or Twitter accounts?  There are so many!

I feel blessed to have so many people support me! My favorite fan site is Jeffree’s World – it’s run by this amazing kid, David, who I’ve met at some of my live shows and we talk a lot!

How do you keep your fans loving you?

By always being myself and never letting anyone disrespect me. I want my fans to have the same traits and stand up for what they believe in.

On your Facebook page right now there is a picture of you wearing rainbow platform sandals (the Popo Sandal in Rainbow). It’s fierce, but so are Jeffrey Campbell’s Shadow Spikes which you’ve also been rocking. Which do you prefer?

I just have to say that I LOVE Karmaloop. Before I was even asked to do this interview, I gotta admit that I’ve been shopping on the site for 2 years! When websites have exclusives, I always come back for more! But back to shoes, I LOVE both, don’t make me choose!! The rainbow sandals are good for going to the beach and smoking a blunt… the studded heels are great for going to clubs and drop kicking drunk sluts.

Any final words of wisdom?

Always wear a push-up and never sleep with your makeup on.

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