There are no remaining excuses for a fashionista to sport bare nails. Yes, many of the trendy mani’s are challenging for those of us who didn’t major in art… and sure, glitter is a pain in the ass to remove. But the advent of nail wraps alleviates these concerns, and ncLA is a pioneer in collaborating with like-minded creatives. Miss Melody Ehsani, queen of jewelry that pops, is the latest in their lineup with a March collection full of designs to complement her funky jewelry. Ehsani’s well-documented love for nails is evident not only in her social media possts, but also in the wearability of these eye-catching, true-to-brand designs.

Broken into 3 sets of nails, each inspired by past jewelry motifs, the ncLA collab features ferocious felines in I Don’t Play Nice, Egyptian styling in I See You, and the geometric Cuban heel inspired Money Green. For me this is actually one of the season’s most exciting drops, so hopefully I’ll have something left after biting my nails in anticipation!