Karmaloop is back in the beauty game with our friends over at New Brahmin and we are thrilled to show you this tutorial series! Watch our inaugural clip with makeup artist Rose Fortuna showing you how to prep a smooch-able lip for upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Rosie is one fiery chick on a life mission to make pretty, but she can’t fix ugly — that’s an inside job. Wishing you all a super sweet V-day (but not so sweet that your teeth fall out from overeating candy), she hopes that these two sultry lip options suit your pucker on this most romantic night.

For her natural, pouty nude technique, you need:

  • neutral lip liner, about 2 shades deeper than your natural lip tone
  • nude gloss

Simply line your lip then fill it in with the same liner — this will act as a primer for the next step… which is shellacking on a layer of nude gloss! Only marginally more time consuming than swiping on chapstick but adds a whole lot of oomph.

For a punchy jolt of color, the bold red lip involves:

  • an angle brush to line and fill
  • a bright lipcolor (your choice)
  • a semi-sheer lipgloss
  • flat brush and concealer
  • optional: a shade lighter or brighter than the lipcolor you’re using (we played around with silver)

Use the angle brush to line and fill your lip with color; we like this process because it is precise. Start from the corner of your lip, as starting in the middle can give you an exaggerated clown-lip effect (scary).

Build color to your liking and add semi-sheer gloss to finish. To ensure your work stays put, buff around the negative lip line with concealer and a flat brush. Not sure what that means? Just study Rose in the clip!

Finally, if you want to amp up the look further tap the 2nd shade at the center of your lip for dimension.

Voila! Your lips will be so scrumptious that a makeout seash is guaranteed, at which point you will probably ruin your makeup. But hey! We aren’t miracle workers over here! At least we got you there, or so we’d like to think. ♥

Model Tessa is wearing the Stars and Stripes Tee by Wildfox and pants by Cheap Monday. Rose is wearing earrings by Melody Ehsani.