Florida has a stupid new law that requires people applying for welfare to pay for a drug test. Um, hello? They’re applying for welfare, so they probably don’t have an extra $40 lying around to throw at a drug test. The money issue alone could preclude them from qualifying, even if they are drug free!

It makes sense that a lot of people don’t want to pay for other people’s drug habits. Still, bad execution. I don’t see any public office holders being forced to pee in a cup. I’d much rather know that my congressman is not on heroin than anyone on welfare.

The law might turn out to be deemed unconstitutional, because the 4th amendment forbids unreasonable or excessive search and seizure. Stay tuned!


While Florida is worrying about its welfare system, Claremont McKenna, a very small liberal arts college in California, is worrying about its national rankings. Apparently, the college has been falsifying its SAT rankings, a standardized test that largely determines students’ entrance into colleges. Having higher student SAT scores ups the college’s national ranking in many publications. The employee didn’t exaggerate much – only 10-20 points per year, but it still made a difference. Kids aren’t the only ones cheating on the SAT’s anymore!

According to the college, it was just one person in the admissions office that was claiming higher-than-actual test scores. Since 2005. And no one checked until now? It’s not even the lying on the admissions office that is so surprising, it’s the fact that no one has checked or verified the information that is in all of the college ranking lists for at least 7 years. Interestingly, none of the articles say specifically why the senior administrator confessed at all…

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