Cali Tree Is…Healthy?

A recent study found that occasional marijuana use won’t harm your lungs as much as cigarettes. The study, led by epidemiologist Mark J. Pletcher, found that marijuana can increase airflow and lung volumes but not by much. Does this study add value into the debate that marijuana should be legal? Only time will tell. [The Atlantic]

Fanning the Flame:

The doe-eyed Dakota Fanning graces the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and many critics are up in arms. Fanning is featured in a full-length gown and looks stunning, yet she is surrounded with headlines that are all about sex. Some argue that Fanning is too young to be on the cover, especially since she isn’t 18 years of age. Others say that shows like Gossip Girl, Jersey Shore and 90210 cover sex fairly explicitly, yet no one is making a big deal about it. They also add that Fanning has played some very adult roles (Cherie Currie in Runaways) and having her featured on the cover is not corrupting her or her fan base. What do you think? All we know is that she looks great! [HuffPost]

Bald Barbie?

Mattel is now the subject of a new online movement pressing for the release of a bald Barbie aimed at empowering girls who suffer from cancer and other health-related hair loss. The Facebook group created by friends Rebecca Sypin and Jane Bingham has blown up to 30,000 likes, so it’s shocking that the brand has not made an official statement on creating what would be a supportive product for self-concious girls (as well as a unique collector’s item). The intentionally bald Barbie seems to be a no-brainer, so fingers crossed that Mattel responds positively. [Jezebel]