I find something very sexy about a casual tee paired with high heel shoes. If you’ve never done this, I recommend you try! It says “Yes, I’m hot” but still very down to earth… a.k.a., approachable. Let me show you how it’s done with Miss Leah’s outfit, and maybe you can take a stab at it this glorious long weekend!

We accessorized here with….

Blot on that red lip for an extra touch of badass and you’re done. Statement tees work best for me — it’s gives your crush a reason to come talk to you… (Maybe we should turn this into a how to get a the guy post?? I kid). At the end of the day, always dress up for yourself. You are more than worth it!

Model: Leah

Photographer: Mari Nishimura

Stylist: Jasmine Imani