Mink Pink Shorts

I know, a little behind the curve on this “Best of” list… we are technically into the second week of 2012 — however, as I sift through our old blog posts I’m realizing just how many killer looks we’ve put together over 2011. Many of them are particularly trendy and remain indelible in our memories. Here are our Top 10 heavy hitters! Any of these your favorite?

1. (above!) Look of the Week: Who Loves the Sun – #1 encompasses this year’s trends impeccably! Southwestern prints, high waisted denim, Lita’s, and one of the prettiest faces in Boston: Olivia.

Jeffrey Campbell

2. Look of the Week: Walk of Shame – Ok so Olivia holds silver with this morning after look… I recall hearing that Emily and Mari tried to transform Olivia into a hungover, hot mess with no success because she is too goddamn gorgeous!

3. Look of the Week: Everyone is Watching Kelly is quite the firecracker in red. Plus this look marks a couple newbies on the site: Miista and BOTB by Hellz (not really a noob, just a reborn favorite!).

4. Look of the Week: Fresh for Fall – Remember our model contest? Well, Kouwai was the winner and she rocked these cozy fall threads.

5. Look of the Week: Kick Back & RelaxThe Serena Wool Lined Boots took Karmaloop by storm this season. And Bri is one of our new favorite models. No wonder this look was so popular!

Look of the Week Karmaloop

6. Look of the Week: I’m a Bad Bitch – Talk about a classic! We’ve got a ruched bodycon dress and a badass leather jacket for this spring post.

7. Look of the Week: And All That Jazz – We struck a homerun with these Jeffrey Campbell star patterned platforms.

8. Look of the Week: Marry the Night – In a fun twist of circumstance, stylist Jeni modeled the look that she would normally shoot on a model and all of you seemed to enjoy it.

9. Look of the Week: Back to Cool – Back to school was huge for us this year, and Ashley donned an adorable first-day ensemble.

10. Look of the Week: No Trespassing – Last but not least, we have an edgy look with stunning Matiko boots and an oversized Mink Pink knit.