Ashley from Milk Teeths shared some of her favorite cleaning tips last December… except for one! Here is her handy guide for hand washing vintage. Psst — it works for tons of your brand new apparel as well…

Last month I discussed some useful cleanings tips for your vintage threads (check out the post right over HERE) but that was just the tippy tip of the iceberg. There are tons of different cleanings tips and tricks for getting your vintage gear in top form. One of my favorites, and a method that I use a lot, is hand washing. It’s cheap, easy, and gives amazing results!

How to Hand Wash Vintage

If the thought of putting your piece in the washing machine makes you break out into a cold sweat, try hand washing! Hand washing is one of the gentlest form of cleaning so it is perfect for delicate pieces or for pieces that have delicate trims.

**First do a spot check on an inconspicuous portion of the garment to see if the dye is colorfast and will not bleed. Wet the piece with water and detergent**

  1. Fill a basin with water (cold for natural fibers like cotton, warm for synthetics) and pour a capful of mild detergent (I like Woolite) in the mix.
  2. Submerge your pieces and gently agitate. Let soak (the longer the better).
  3. If you check back on your soak later and notice that the water is dirty, drain the basin and fill with fresh water. Continue soaking.
  4. When you think your pieces are ready, drain the basin and rinse your pieces with clean water until no more soapy water runs off.
  5. Take the pieces out and put them onto a towel to dry. Roll the towel up and press the water out. Don’t wring your clothing by hand (this could cause some ugly puckering and wrinkling of the fabric). Lay flat to dry.

Ashley Baluyut is an Orange County based blogger and writer with a serious love for vintage clothing. You can find her at her fashion and lifestyle blog MILK TEETHS or you can catch up with her latest thrift haul vintage finds on YouTube at Three Feathers Vintage.

[Image via Things Your Grandmother Knew]