Why does jegging sound like such a dirty word? Given that all premium denim outfitters are offering super soft denim-styled skinnies, I think the stereotype of jean patterned leggings needs to be abolished! The latest crop provides the wide range of motion of leggings and lots of stretch to keep ‘em tight, plus belt loops and pockets…all the good stuff that sets them apart from the ridiculed paper-thin atrocities. If you’ve ever worn a quality hybrid skinny jean you know there is no going back to stiff styles that incur sausage leg syndrome.

With a tagline of “Premium Comfort, for the People by the People”, Denimocracy has won over the hearts of celebs and shoppers alike with their proprietary fit and fabrication — and bonus points! They are made in the good ol’ US of A. If you need proof of the brand’s comfort level, all of the above starlets are wearing them as they work and play (and you know Hollywood loves to dedicate plenty of time to both!). Take a cue from Jessica, Taylor, and Christina, and add a pair of brightly colored jeggings to your spring wardrobe.