This month, the city of Los Angeles added a very interesting issue to the city ballot: should we make porn stars use condoms or not? (In their films only – their personals lives remain off the ballot) The citizens of Los Angeles will vote on this in June. Initially, I wondered why on earth the city of Los Angeles was spending time thinking about this in the first place.  Don’t they have bigger things to worry about, like the crime rate and their little smog problem?  It turns out that wearing a condom prevents HIV/AIDS.  While I agree that HIV/AIDS prevention is not only worthwhile but necessary, this law just doesn’t seem like it will work even if the city does vote yes on it.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that they can actually figure out to enforce it in LA – you would probably just see a huge migration of porn production to another city. There are already some hurdles, like whether the city even has the authority to mandate condom use in films. In short: while this law is well-intentioned, it’s probably moot.

[New York Times]

On the opposite coast, Boston must be brimming with pride.  The Daily Beast concluded that adults in the Bean drink 14.38 drinks per month on average.  Aside from the fact that Boston is a town with more college kids (read: aggressive drinkers) than I can count, I was frankly surprised at how low that number is.  That’s less than one drink per day – meaning that a lot of people need to be drinking zero drinks a month to balance out all of the people drinking at least one per day.  How was this scientific study conducted anyway? I bet some people made up a number when asked. Personally, I always lie to my doctor about how much I drink. You know you do it too.

[The Boston Globe]

And, for those drinkers in Manhattan who are trying to catch up to Boston, there’s a new hangover patch out. Instead of the traditional cheeseburgers + Gatorade + aspirin cure, a new batch of patches is out. You can slap one on before you go out at night and keep it on through the following day. They can be found in Manhattan, and some companies will even discretely deliver. This is pretty awesome, except for the disclaimer, which is: if you really can’t get it together and cut yourself off, you will still get a hangover.  The concept of a patch is cool for a “whoops I had one too many” night, but still needs some work. I’ll look for reviews on January 2nd.

[New York Times]