Every girl has the dreaded Nip Slip fear. You know the one where you’re just minding you’re own business drinking and dancing, and then all the sudden one of your friends says your boob is hanging out and she’s not that sure how long it’s been like that.

Well fear no more ladies, because the Nip Slip is now a thing of the past. Celebrities are rocking this super awesome trend, nippies by Bristols6. A creative way to rock your tits out fearlessly, looking super trendy at the same time.  Cleavage is one thing, but when you’re wearing black Xs and a sheer top, it’s a sexy look that’s to die for. Lady Gaga‘s been doing it, XTina‘s done it, Taylor Momsen & Cher are fans, even the demure Miss Jennifer Aniston has worn them. They’ve been popular in music videos, like Rihanna‘s “Rude Boy” video (Really, who doesn’t love that video?) and worn by Pink at the VMA’s, Rihanna at the Grammy’s, and Katy Perry at the MTV Awards. Clearly this trend isn’t going away anytime soon, especially not when we’re all looking forward to it getting hot, hot, hot this summer.

Lucky for y’all we’ve just gotten some really cute ones on the site just in time to wear under your sheer crop top with a high waisted skirt and some out of this world Jeffery Campbell‘s for NYE.