We’re not even sure where to start here…Perhaps with the fact that this adorable little squirrel is just as infatuated with this look as we are! Olivia Lo of Lust for Life is known for her audaciously sultry looks, but this one takes the cake. Jewel tones have been all the rage this season, but who knew a hint of amber could pack this much punch? She goes for the gold in the Alston Suede Jacket by BB Dakota, her own vintage sweater, the Velvet Cutoff Short in Ochre by Free People, Banana Republic bangles, and the Lisbon Bootie by Seychelles. We likey!

We took a minute to chat with Olivia, because we love her point of view and think you should tune in also.

How did you get into fashion?

I’ve always been interested in clothes since I was young to a point that I never consciously pin point where it all began. In middle school I was drawn to my sister’s early issues of Nylon and Teen Vogue and I was going through a huge music phase that led me to countless hours of personal research on 60′s mod fashion, and it was then that I began experimenting with my own personal style. Growing up in LA I hung out with an older group of friends who worked in fashion which further whetted my interest.

How would you describe your style?

 Whimsical, colorful, experimental and bold.

Do you have a favorite designer?

I consistently love shoes and accessories by Chloe and Miu Miu, and all-around love Australian and New Zealand designers. My favorite is Shakuhachi, Friend of Mine, and Stolen Girlfriends Club.

What article of clothing can you not get enough of this season?

 I’m loving full circle skirts. It’s ridiculously retro but so fun to wear.

What inspired you start your own fashion blog?

Iggy Pop‘s song titled ‘Lust for Life’, a desire to become a journalist, watching Almost Famous, traveling, and finding inspiration in people I meet.

Can you tell us a little bit about your vintage shop launching soon?

I go on road trips frequently and have been collecting vintage clothes for years! So I finally decided it only makes sense that I combine my two passions for travel and thrift to create a store where my readers can have access to one-of-a-kind pieces that I find from all over the world. I didn’t just comb through the neighborhood Goodwill for these pieces; it’s a wide range of things I found at a Paris swap meet, a second-hand store in Chicago, or a designer dress from a ghost town in Palm Springs. More importantly, all of the pieces are clothes that I would actually wear (if not already worn). It’s an edited range of vintage pieces that is easily be translated to contemporary fashion.

What draws you to vintage clothing?

I love vintage clothing for unique prints, shapes, cuts, or textures. Finding vintage Chanel and YSL gives the garment a little bit more character.

How did you get involved with Unif? What’s your favorite piece from their current collection?

I met Christine when she invited me to Bardot for an event. She let me borrow her ID so I can get into the club. I interned for her that following summer. Right now my favorite piece from their current collection is the black Birkin dress.

Congrats! We heard you recently signed a modeling contract with Next Agency!  How do you feel about this new endeavor?

I’m extremely grateful and looking forward to working with them. Hopefully on to bigger, and better things.

With so many new and exciting things going on in your life how are you planning on creating a balance between fashion modeling and entering your first year of college?

I only sleep on the weekends.

When you’re not blogging, planning the launch of your new vintage shop, modeling or getting ready to begin college…what do you enjoy doing to chill and relax?

I pack my bags and go out of town!