Known around here as the “go to” girl, Renatta has been with Karmaloop since way back, and she’s pretty much worn every hat there is to wear around here (both literally and figuratively). She is super familiar with our product, so trust me when I say her wishlist is on point!

Job at Karmaloop? I manage Inbound and Merchandising operations, which at this time of year means total madness, tons of product, 24/7 work weeks, and lots of trips to our warehouse.

Describe your personal style: My personal style is edgy, but functional and I’d like to say somewhat classic. I like my dresses tight, my sweaters bold, and my shoes to stop traffic (but not to stop me) and Karmaloop keeps me on point and on trend.

Favorite part of the holiday season? I’m jaded, my favorite thing about  the holidays is the first week of January…presents are opened and returns season begins, AKA, NOT MY PROBLEM! I’m joking a little there…I like the fun of gift giving to all my favorite brats.

Renatta is wishing for…