Gift giving can be tricky. How much should you spend? What would they want? These are just some basic questions you might have, and I’m here to help. When it comes to gifts, I usually like to get someone something they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves – think quirky, funny, but totally practical gifts that will put the cheer anyone’s holiday. When it comes to out of the box gift ideas, I’ve got you covered.

1. The Iron Chef

These Salt & Pepper ‘Bots will totally take the edge off of anyone cooking. What a perfect last touch to a delicious meal and a fun addition to your kitchen décor.

2. The Sibling Who’s Always Late

This Tocky alarm clock will never let them oversleep again! It jumps and rolls around making noises. Basically, it fulfills your annoying sibling role even when you’re far away from each other.

3. The Music Lover

These mini capsule LRG speakers are compatible with cell phones, MP3 players, and laptops so you can play your music out loud anywhere. Think ahead: these are great for lazy days spent hanging on the beach.

4. The Tree Hugger

This suck UK bag is great for those who are on the environmentally friendly side and it’s way more affordable than buying them wooden furniture.

5. The Adorable Little Cousin

Be prepared for 1 million ‘aws’ when your baby cousin walks around in this deLux hat.

6. The Stoner

Sweet I BUD YOU dreams.

7. The Geek-Chic Girl Friend

This special edition Lomography Fisheye camera is the ultimate gift for any cute girl with techy tendencies. Extra bonus: anyone who poses in front of the camera will have to smile at the Hello Kitty logo on the front :)

8. The Vagabond

This Burton sweatshirt is ideal for guys who aren’t strangers to one night stands or crashing at a friend’s house. It includes: a stash pocket, pit vents, eye shield, removable inflatable pillow in the hood, travel kit with ear plugs, toothbrush, leather travel tag, and sleep mask. WHAT!!!

9. The Couch Potato

This Pendleton blanket is a wonderful compliment to the new TV they bought on Black Friday. Perfect for lazy Sundays.

10. The Club Kid

Help your party monster friend channel their inner James St. James with these Substitute platforms.

Don’t forget to wrap it all up in suck UK’s raunchy wrapping paper! Happy shopping and happy holidays!