SOFI (SomeOtherFemaleInterest) is an emerging talent on the EDM scene with vocals on tracks from deadmau5′s Grammy-nominated album 4×4=12, “Sofi Needs a Ladder” and “One Trick Pony”. But her artistic touch extends far beyond that with past collaborations, vocals, and choreography work that span genres. With her career on the upswing, we think it’s in your interest to get acquainted with her name and her unique style. We had the chance to get insight on her inspiration, the influence of the web on EDM music, and her holiday highlights.

You’ve collaborated with major industry players including Mötley Crüe, and most notably, deadmau5. What do you seek in an artistic partnership and what lessons have you learned along the way?

I guess I’ve learned to be able to adapt in a way, to understand what kind of show I am part of and what needs to be delivered. Sometimes it’s more about the overall theatrics rather than your own personal expression, which in a creative and artistic way both is fun and liberating. You know being on stage with Mötley Crüe requires a completely different character than being on stage with Avril Lavigne. With deadmau5, it’s different simply because I am performing my own songs, put together my own wardrobe and do my thing as it comes naturally.

Like any influential entertainer, you are well-rounded with plenty of dance experience. Do you have any signature choreography?

I think so. My friends mock certain moves I apparently always do (lol).

What is your most memorable moment on the deadmau5 tour so far?

The most recent one is our last show of the Meowingtons Hax tour in Toronto. Playing in front of 20,000 people and streaming parts of the show worldwide was a nice mind blow.

Describe your personal style in a sentence.

It’s very reflective of my personality and mood. I like to have fun with fashion, but hate to be uncomfortable. I’d say it’s edgy, sometimes punk rock chic and futuristic at times.

Who or what inspires your music? Your work ethic? Your style?

Everything! Lyrically, it’s been personal experiences, and musically I’d say I found my current “sound” while working on “Sofi Needs A Ladder” with deadmau5. I’ve always loved rock music and bands like The Clash and that raw energy and attitude. At the same time, I’m very influenced by late ‘80/’90s hip-hop and pop such as Michael Jackson and Madonna and Neneh Cherry. On top of that, house and electro have always been part of my life growing up in Europe and going to clubs at a really young age. As far as my work ethic goes, I feel like if you’re gonna do something, give it your best and do it 100%. I guess that goes with anything in life.

What are your thoughts on the EDM scene gaining mainstream popularity over the past few years? How do you think the web, social media, and hubs such as Beatport have affected its growth?

I definitely think the internet helped spread “the word” immensely! I feel like it made it much more accessible to a much younger crowd that doesn’t hang out at clubs where electronic music is mostly played. Then again it’s always been more mainstream in Europe than it has been in the States. It’s crazy to see this huge explosion over here now and very exciting to be part of it. It’s cool that you can basically sell out huge shows without being on TV 24/7 and having to rely on that kind of exposure.

When you are getting ready to perform, what pump-up (or cool down) tracks are playing on your iPod?

I actually don’t play any music before or after I go on stage. Usually, it’s the throbbing bass you can hear backstage while another DJ, producer or band is on stage. I like some peace and quiet before the show. I need my 5 minutes to myself.

Favorite holiday food?

Sweet potato casserole.

If you could spend New Year’s Eve 2012 anywhere on Earth, where would it be?

Really anywhere with loved ones… You can have a great time ANYWHERE when you’re in great company. Hopefully I’ll be rockin a stage somewhere!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you anticipate expanding your personal brand to industries other than music?

Well, it all depends if we even make it past December 2012 (lol). I don’t really know. Hopefully I’ll still be making music and have people like it. I love doing all sorts of different things that revolve around performing arts and fashion.

Photo: Teghan McGinnis