LA Based T-shirt brand, Blood Is The New Black, was created by Mitra Khayyam back in 2004 as way to feature the talented works of underground artists & photographers. Through the collaborative efforts that these creative souls combine their mediums onto the company’s super soft & comfy tees, this brand continues to expose topics that our society just can’t enough of. Whether its subjects relating to Love, Death, Sex, Drugs, Music, Religion, even down to novelty parodies of life, these graphics will make you stop & stare (and even occasionally gasp). Each individual artist brings their own expressions and points of culture to the table each season, so be on the lookout for a variety of not just interesting images, but different T-shirt fits that won’t disappoint the art connoisseur in you.

Check out the featured Artists for styles currently available this month:


Ace Mommawolf,  lives in Los Angeles, but is from Daytona Beach. She rides motorcycles. She seems to like poppin’ out babies. After the birth of her latest baby she popped out, she was bleeding really bad. The ole’ midwife there to help her pop the baby out told her she might have to get a blood transfusion, but there was another way….to drink a “Bloody Shame”. So the ole’ midwife  sliced a piece of her fresh placenta, handed it over to Papa Wolf, who took it to the blender, and made the ole’ “Bloody Shame”.  Placing a pink straw in the glass he handed it to his lady Ace. The bleeding stopped and Mommawolf was saved…


Demonbabies is Jesus Rivera. Originally from the Motor City, he migrated west to L.A., where he built a dungeon to mix special potions in. After a freak laboratory accident, Jesus was left with the ability to concoct monsters from his fingertips and shoot psychedelic lightning bolts from his eyeballs! The monsters have since taken over and will not stop multiplying. In recent years, he has discovered that sunlight does not harm them, water satisfies their thirst, and they hate eating after midnight!


Justin grew up in Los Angeles, surrounded by hippies, guns, motorcycles, skateboards, palm trees and paint markers. He learned to draw by candlelight on bar napkins as a young child, eventually attending Art Center in the early 2000s. His interests include white magic and black powder. Justin currently lives in Amsterdam and designs stuff.


Ginar Satria was born and raised in Bandung City, Indonesia. Known as the creative center of Indonesia, many designers, artists, and musicians hail from the area. He went to the Art and Design Institute and is still trying to graduate. He also works for several local clothing companies.


Jason (JFish) is a young man who believes to be good friends with Death. He enjoys drawing such subjects as hamburgers, monsters, androids, angels, fats girls, and, mostly, himself. When he colors, Jason prefers to use the entire rainbow.

Greg (Khmara) has been writing since youth and began to work with Jason as a writer of comics when they were kids. He loves his cats very much and finds much inspiration to write from his regular petting sessions with said cats. He is featured in a certain comic as a giant flea. Greg’s most prized possession is his framed original drawing by Travis Millard.


Fumi Mini Nakamura, also known as Miniminiaturemouse, is an illustrator // Designer based in New York City. Born and raised between Shizuoka, Japan and Bay Area, California. Never had cavities or gold tooth, or broke a bone in her life. She has a fat chinchilla named Basil Leaf Eriksson who likes to eat her drawings and baby plants.


Todd Tourso is an art director, designer, and illustrator born, raised, living, and working in Los Angeles California. He attended Art Center College of Design and went on to work as an Art Director at Warner Bros. Records. He was the Creative Director of Flaunt Magazine from 2005-2009 and won The Art Directors Club Award in 2008 for the magazine’s re-design. In 2010 Tourso launched The Glyph Set, a design and image studio, providing creative direction, brand development, design, illustration, and consultation services for a wide range of clients as diverse as Lady Gaga, Polaroid, and The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. Tourso’s drawings and other art works have been shown in exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Japan.


Los Angeles based designer, Jonathan San Nicolas works as an art director in Advertising, Marketing & Fashion… Dark Matter LA is his personal project, starting off with jewlery in 2009. After freelancing with Blood is the New Black, in Branding design & their bi-annual zine, the idea to design an exclusive tshirt line DMLA x BITNB was inevitable. The line is inspired by international graphic design, the Dada art movement and his teenage years in LA.


While living in a small, old, navy lifeboat in the Sausalito Bay, Porous Walker was visited by the ghost of Shel Silverstein, who encouraged him to change his name and begin drawing. Porous Walker has shown his work in art galleries around the world, been featured in magazines and television, and is working on a new project almost every day. His hope is to inspire people to laugh and to create and share their own art work, subsequently flooding the world with humor and pretty colors.


Sophie Stephens is a London-based illustrator and apparently, her work is “full of dry humor and ample filth” though she describes it as being about herself, her friends, nonsense and nudity. She has a love/hate relationship with fashion and finds beauty in things that are tacky and gross. She loves Pamela Anderson, tequila, drawing on walls, high hells, black pens, and Barney. In the near future, she can’t wait to do lots more drawing, get lots of money, visit Ryan in L.A., waste a weekend in Ibiza and get covered in tattoos.


Robert Nicholas Whigham is my full name but please call me Bobby. I’m 24 going on 38. We all have a tool… My tool is camera. Born and raised in the steel city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’m currently a tee shirt buyer for a hip, trend driven company in Philadelphia, where I’ve resided for the last 3 years. In these last three years I’ve been taking a ton of photos. Not just any photos, but photos of me documenting my trips, weekends and friends here in Philadelphia. This photo journal has turned into Too Young Collection.