How cool or should I say hot is this lovely hybrid of a piece?! I couldn’t decide whether to label this garment as a coat or blazer simply because it definitely ticks both boxes. The Hilda Coat (coming soon to *Vintage Boutique) is likely to keep you nice and toasty through those nippy November nights, and blazers are quite possibly the coolest form of outerwear to make a comeback these last few seasons.

My first look involves an iconic and very versatile staple of the 80′s: an acid wash denim skirt. It may seem tricky to keep modern, but it’s really not that hard to pull off! It’s denim, you can wear it with anything! To get a similar look try The Gold Star Denim Skirt or The Guess Light Denim Skirt. Because the coat (in this case maybe more of a blazer) is oversized, I made sure that other pieces remained fitted to the body. One of my favorite tricks is to substitute 80′s bathing suits for nice fitted tops. Check out these bodysuits: The Bill Blass Bodysuit, the Pluto Bodysuit, and the What’s Hot Bodysuit. Add some naughty knee socks such as the Betsey Johnson Love Me Knee Sock plus a great pair of pumps or booties, and you’ve got the look!

In this second look it’s all about texture. A black leather skirt with its perfect sheen, the dreamy fuzzy texture of the Hilda coat, the chalky texture of my suede pumps, and the ribbed tights create an interesting display of  texture and attitude! Lately I’ve been rolling up my sleeves on all oversized tops and coats, creating a chic size adjustment!

It’s all about color blocking in this last look. A burst of color is just what you need to brighten up your wardrobe as the temperature starts to drop! Is there anything more classic than a black, lipstick red, and cream color palette?

Photos: Emily Wilson