Our monthly contributor Ashley Baluyut knows a thing or 2 about vintage sizing. She shares her tricks of the trade to ensure a good fit (and lucky for you, they can be applied to our online vintage boutique!)…

When it comes to shopping for vintage clothing, looks can be really deceiving. Why? A little thing known as vintage sizing, for starters.

Not to over generalize but way back when, in the all too recent past of a few decades ago, people were built differently. Smaller and shorter. Fast forward to today’s average builds and it’s safe to say that men and women are on average taller and larger. Some experts point to better nutrition, living conditions, and medicine to account for the extra inches (or maybe it’s all the hormones and chemicals in the food we eat, ahem). The point is: modern sizing and vintage sizing = does.not.compute.

However, the next time you go out shopping for vintage there are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to get a great fit:

  1. Need to see if a skirt or a pair of pants fit but there’s no changing room in sight? A neat trick is to take the waistband and wrap it around your neck. If you can make the two sides of the waist band meet perfectly then chances are, that piece will fit around your waist. Weird but it works.
  2. If you suspect that a dress might be too short check the hem! The piece might have been hemmed shorter for the previous owner. Take the stitching out and bam! A few extra inches.
  3. Scenario: you found the nicest wool sweater but it’s just a smidge too small? Stretch that sucker! This works best with 100% wool garments. Get the sweater soaking wet and stretch it and pull it back into a slightly larger size. Make sure to let it dry flat though or else you’ll get lumpy bumps from the combination of a clothespin’s grip and gravity.

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Ashley Baluyut is an Orange County based blogger and writer with a serious love for vintage clothing. You can find her at her fashion and lifestyle blog MILK TEETHS or you can catch up with her latest thrift haul vintage finds on YouTube at Three Feathers Vintage