Tons of crazy shit happened this month – here’s some of the stuff you might not have heard about already if you’ve buried your head in college football and presidential candidates.

A Victory for PETA

While I will say that I don’t like the thought of the cruel process of making furs, I do wonder whether this law will have much effect.  It could very well be the first in a long line of towns and cities that create the same ban.  Still, what about leather, meat, or other animal products? There are tons of great faux fur options at Karmaloop for those of us who want the look of fur but don’t want to pay the price (literally and in terms of animal cruelty).

West Hollywood, CA,officially became the first town to ban the sale of animal furs, which means the Olsen twins will have to go elsewhere for theirs from now on… Fashionistas in this town will have to go faux, at least for the time being. Animal rights groups have been working towards a ban on fur for years.  And, I have to say, PETA has done an incredible job of getting hot celebrities to get naked for their anti-fur campaign (Heyyyy Chad Ochocinco).

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Immigration in Alabama – Beware!

Alabama set itself back at least 100 years with the passage of a new law that screams racism.  Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn upheld HB 56 a law that requires the police to stop someone –anyone– that seems like they might be an illegal immigrant.  It may be overturned since immigration is a federally controlled issue.  Still, if you read in between the lines, this means the police have to detain anyone who looks like they might be Mexican or who has an accent. What…a waste of time and police resources.  If you have a tan, you should probably move to Georgia.

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Occupy Gets Nasty

Occupy Wall Street protests took a turn for the worse at UC Davis California when a group of students, protesting peacefully, were sprayed with pepper spray, tear gassed, and arrested after refusing to leave as the police requested.  Some of the Occupy sites have gotten a little rambunctious (read: using the street as a bathroom) but as long as they aren’t infringing on other people, this is probably a 1st amendment approved protest.  The public is divided on whether this is a worthwhile endeavor, but it has gotten national attention.  I’m all about fairness, but I am also wondering how all of these people have managed to stay at an Occupy Wall Street camp for so many weeks…

[Perez Hilton, yup that Perez]