With the EDM movement (electronic dance music for the uninitiated) gaining momentum in recent years, we’ve seen its influence on the Karmaloop sphere grow significantly. One of our fall merchandising interns, Alice Chen, loves to track down world-famous DJs and pick their brain. Recently, Ferry Corsten, rolled through Boston with a performance at Royale last month and Alice took the opportunity to link up with him. Read her interview below.

Tell us about yourself. What was your childhood like? What’s your favorite childhood memory that relates to who you are now?
I think I have had a very good childhood. I was always interested and busy with music and I think that part never left me.

What drew you into the EDM scene? How did you get started and where did you get your inspiration from (as a producer and a DJ)?
I don’t know really, I just always liked EDM. When I was younger I used to buy records and play them on my dad his turntable. I just wanted to know what it was like to produce a track and it went on from there.

What was the moment when you had realized you had succeeded in the music industry? How did you feel? How did you celebrate!
When Out Of The Blue was released and exploded I knew I wanted to do more with music. It felt amazing and it was really nice to get recognized as an artist.

You’re often on tour. What do you love most about touring and what’s your favorite thing to do after all that traveling.
I love to see all the different places and meet so many new people. To see people all around the world dance to your music gives an amazing feeling. And when I get back I love to spend time with my family. Especially my daughter!

What can we expect from you upcoming album? How will it be different from your other albums?
You will have to wait and listen to find out ;)

On that note, every trance DJ has their own style that makes them easily recognizable to fans. How would you describe your style of trance compared to other DJs?
I think the best way to describe my style is up-tempo and uplifting. During my live sets I play a lot of my own tracks and that is how I distinguish myself from other DJs.

What advice can you give for aspiring electronic artists? How do you get noticed in the competitive world we live in?
Always be unique and be creative! If you don’t have your own sound you don’t have a chance. There are so many new aspiring DJ’s these days that you really need to be different to stand out.

What’s one thing in life you can’t live without while working?
Inspiration, I always need some kind of inspiration to work. Luckily my daughter inspires me each and every day!

We all have our moments that we look back on and have a good laugh at. What was your most embarrassing moment as a DJ? Be it a performance on stage or something that might’ve happened in the studio, on the tour bus, etc.
I once pulled the needle of the record which was playing so the music stopped. Really embarrassing! That was obviously long ago as I haven’t spun on turntables for a long time.

Just for fun — If you were stranded on an island, pick 5 things you would take with you.
FC: My lovely wife and daughter! My Mac; some nice food and drinks; if the island has snow, my snowboad; and my iPod.

For more info on Ferry, check out ferrycorsten.com.