This past Thursday, November 17, Karmaloop’s own Greg Selkoe spoke to a group of savvy Bostonians about our company’s history, the future of trends and fashion, and Boston’s place in fashion globally. Note to reader: khaki is on its way back in (but not the pleated kind your grandpa wears)…

The event, held in Copley Plaza’s main court, was a celebration of Boston’s 75th year as a member of The Fashion Group International. The group, founded in 1928, aims to be an accessible venue for old fashion fogies and newcomers alike to connect, collaborate, and improve professional experiences within the fashion industry.

The audience wasn’t exactly the usual Karmaloop demographic, but everyone in attendance did pay $30 a piece to see Greg, and he kept them entranced all the way through Q&A time! Karmaloop’s basement-to-Boylston Street story resonated with everyone there, especially the young designers.

Some of the Karmaloop staff, including Dina Selkoe, came in solidarity. It was an all-around great night, bringing together people from all different parts of the fashion world and of Boston.

Photography: Jay Calderin