Miista‘s fall collection has landed, and we think you will eat these shoes up! For the uninitiated, this London-based (and Spanish influenced) footwear brand is making waves with its futuristic-glam edge. Though only in its 2nd season, you can be sure to find it-girls around the globe stomping around in the modern silhouettes. These are the kind of shoes that elevate a look with quirky details and sharp craftsmanship. Founder and designer Laura Villasenin believes that every closet should house a pair of Miista shoes, and to share her brilliant creations we want to hook YOU up with the Hilda Shoe, a pair of souped-up platform pumps. It’s simple to enter, so flex your Twitter muscles and listen up!

  1. Check out the collection and riddle me this: What would you wear with your favorite Miista shoes? Want more inspiration?! Check out their mood board above!
  2. Tweet us your answer to submit an entry! Or better yet — SHOW us your inspired outfit with an Instagram pic. Whichever you choose, make sure to add “@Karmaloop @MiistaLaura” to your tweet or else we won’t see it!
  3. You can enter the contest between now and next Friday, November 4 at noon (EST). We will pick our favorite response and direct message the winner!

Good luck ladies!