This week we teamed up with our friend Brigid Nastasia of Boston-based CONTRA, a fashioncentric creative services agency skilled in everything from styling to branding. Her daring look is suited for those of you who are not afraid to stand out…

BN: You can get away with having a little too much attitude as long as you’re charming, smart, and sexy… and I think  Karmaloop girls know it! That spirit inspired me to turn what was WAY, WAY too much (head-to-toe scarlet, three kinds of leopard print, short shorts with super-high heels) into something relaxed and cool. I wanted it to be a little Paris Vogue, and a little Hilary Banks.

To dress this up for night, just lose the cardigan (and sunglasses… don’t be that person) and unroll the scarf once into a drapier wrap. On the move, you can swap the leopard booties for orange or white Converse high-tops. Aside from being versatile, your color scheme will turn heads from several blocks away… I wouldn’t sport this if you’re feeling antisocial.

Styling, hair, and makeup all by Brigid Nastasia (of CONTRA), shot by Mari Nishimura and Emily Wilson, and modeled by the always stunning Lealyn.

Would you wear it? Over-the-top brilliant or comically tacky? Tell us what you think!