Last week we released our greatest lookbook to date, and based on your feedback, it seems like you ladies liked it as well! Sadly, as with any lookbook, there were tons of amazing shots that just didn’t make the final cut.  Here is a quick bonus look into some of our favorite extras…  Ladies’ Buyer Jeni Ni weighs in on each photo, what makes it fabulous, and her inspiration behind each look:

karmaloop 2011 lookbook

JN: ” This gorgeous classic look (reminiscent of Audrey Heburn) is illuminating on Keila. I love how sophisticated it is without losing the Karmaloop edge in those dope glasses and her neon nails.”

“The color pops are really what kill it in this look. The rich purple compliments the bright red, and is accented by the whiskey leather of the purse. This look is fun and functional, and perfect for fall!”

“Have to give props to our lovely makeup artist Jeannie Vincent for this image! The chocolate lip really ties this whole look together. Carolina is stunning in those vintage Dior sunglasses, and I could live in this cozy snowflake cardigan!”

“Typically I’m not a huge fan of leggings as pants, but these beautiful patterned leggings from NTICE are perfect for breaking that rule. Accented by the dark wood of the historic Boston Public Library, the details of this outfit pop like stars against the night sky. Also, wool lined wedges by Messeca? Killer for the holiday season!”

“I love love love this shot. Carolina manages to look both utterly cute and adorable while still emanating a sultry, sexy vibe.”