Peep Show giveaway

The best thing about a three day weekend is definitely the four day work week that follows it, wouldn’t you agree?  Celebrate your Tuesday which is really a WEDNESDAY by entering our latest Peep Show Contest!  If you’re lucky, you could win a free item from our site.  For those of you new to this bi-weekly giveaway, check out how to play here:

1. Take a look at the product close-up above.

2. Move on over to the Karmaloop site and start searching for the item. Hint: It will only be on our women’s side!

3. Once you think you’ve found the item pictured, send us an email at! Use the subject “Peep Show” and in the body of the email be sure to include the name of the item.

One  lucky winner will be chosen at random from all those who have guessed correctly, and will win the product pictured.  We’ll announce the winner next Wednesday, October 19, along with the correct answer.  So what are you waiting for? Get crackin’!