I hope you’ve been coveting our vintage model Tessa‘s hairdo (I am!), because all the curly haired lasses may soon lose the option to go semi-permanently sleek and smooth. Take it from a girl with limp, straight locks: definitely not all it’s cracked up to be. Your wild tresses are a gift! (The grass is always greener right?) The Brazilian Blowout may hold a special place in the hearts of many salons and their clientele, but the FDA and many additional watchdog organizations — Environmental Working Group, Cosmetic Industry Review, and Beauty Salon Alliance are among them — all contend that the straightening treatment is an unsafe product which should be pulled from the marketplace. The scrutiny is a result of FDA testing which determined the formaldehyde content to be rather excessive, as well as deemed the product “misbranded” for neglecting to disclose the ingredient on its packaging. While the final rulings are yet to be declared, it seems that the Brazilian Blowout’s days are numbered. For the whole scoop and some useful background references check out Fashionista‘s coverage of the debate.