Yes, Boston has its own Fashion Week — with a tent and everything! Later this month *Vintage Boutique will be walking a BFW runway, so it’s only fitting we would give you a teaser of what’s to come. Vintage buyer Carolina Tirado has been flexing her styling prowess to organize a 10-look, super wearable show featuring new previously loved threads (ha there’s a good oxymoron for ya!). Plus, to mark the event, Carolina put together a mini-lookbook highlighting this season’s upcoming drops. These shots display never-before-seen pieces, and we highly recommend you stay tuned for the fresh merchandise that will be stepping down the catwalk. The show will be held at Cyclorama at 539 Tremont Street, Boston MA on September 24, 10pm. If you are in the Boston area and would like to purchase tickets for the presentation, visit The Emerging Trends.

[Photos by Mari Nishimura]