fall shoes


It’s Back-to-School time, Chickadees… time to get your education on so you can get a good job and get paid!  That being said, be sure not to forget to take a break every once in a while. While of course it is important to work hard in college, everyone knows that the time you spend outside of the classroom is almost as educational as the time you spend in class. After all, college is the first time you’re cut loose from your former world of parental rules, a time to spread your wings, and a time to discover yourself.  The great thing about college is that while one minute you have your nose buried in a book, the next minute you might be playing Frisbee on the green. While instant you’re helping pre-schoolers glue macaroni to construction paper for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, later on you may find yourself pushing through a crowd of co-eds, trying to make it to the punch bowl at the Frat House.  Needless to say, while playing all kinds of different social roles is fun, it can get confusing at times when it comes to choosing appropriate apparel.  Thus, we’ve put together a guide to the best fall shoes, and when to wear them!


fall shoes


For the Football Game:  During sporting events (or really any fall outdoor activity) opt for some kicks that are casual and practical–after all, climbing bleachers and hopping up and down to cheer for the home team are activities best done in shoes that are comfortable.  Plus, who wants to be that girl in heels at a football game?  Trust me, everyone is secretly judging that girl.  Why not try a cute and comfy sneaker like the The Champion Animal Sneaker by Keds, or maybe The Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty Sneaker by Converse.


For Class:  While it’s easy to roll out of bed and run to class in your jammies (remember, no parents–no rules!) you should take the time to look presentable. It’s more respectful to the professor, and the extra 15 minutes you take to gets ready will help to energize you for your day. For class, try a fun flat, like the Frances Shoe by Kelsi Dagger or the Elegant Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell–You’ll look so put together against that sea of branded sweatpants and flipflops.


For the Weekend: The weekend is a time to let loose! So whether you are grabbing coffee with friends, taking a shopping trip downtown, or simply spending hours in the dining hall, rehashing the previous night’s rager with your friends, use this time experiment with your style!  Try something edgy, like the The Declare Boot by Zigi Shoes or the Victoria Flower 1460 Boot by Dr. Martens.


For the Party: While it’s true that the college years tend to be marked more by casual dress than by fancy frippery, you’ll still find plenty of times to play dress up! Whether you go to school in a city with a club scene, or keggers are more your jam, dress it up with a slinky stiletto, like the The Natalia Shoe by House of Harlow 1960, or the Briar Shoe by DV Shoes.