I am an avid member of the “No Pants Posse”, but sometimes (like today) it’s rainy and dreary and not quite the right weather to wear shorts or a skirt. If you’re feeling edgy but want to protect your gams from the harsher elements, you can get away with wearing a hot leather bustier as a top if you keep your bottom covered!

I love these slightly pleated Kill City slacks paired with Blaque Market‘s Pacha Top in Chestnut, and Insight‘s amazing shearling lined denim jacket (coming soon!). Throw on a pair of Lita’s and a cozy beanie and you’ve got one hot fall ensemble.

If you aren’t comfortable showing this much midriff this look is easy to make a little more conservative with a basic white tee layered under the bustier!

Modeled by Erica, shot by Jackie, styled by moi.