Meet Jazzi McGilbert: a stylist, blogger, writer, and an overall cool chick. Her self-titled blog,, has opened doors for her at NYLON, Fashionista, and Teen Vogue. We checked in with Jazzi to discuss internships, high-low style advice, and LA living.


You have worn many hats in the industry over the years, from stylist to blogger to camera personality. What do you do both inside and outside of work to maintain balance while juggling various career paths?

I try my best to focus on one thing at a time. I’m a morning person and a homebody, which definitely helps by adding a few more hours to my day to get things done. I wouldn’t say I’ve found true balance quite yet, but a time-out for a beer or Korean Spa visit always helps.


Considering your standout resume and internship experience, do you have advice on how to score internships at major industry players like Teen Vogue and Fashionista?

I’ve blogged my way through a few of my internships, so there’s some really practical advice in my archives, but in general: be early and be professional but maintain your personality. Inquire about the internship months in advance via email (better to email an assistant editor than the editor-in-chief in most cases), check your spelling/grammar and do your research. A resume or cover letter with typos won’t do you any favors.


You are a natural in front of the camera! Do you ever get pre-shoot jitters? Which do your prefer — having the spotlight or working behind the scenes in styling?

Thank you! Flattered to hear that I’m anywhere near natural in front of a camera because that’s not at all how I feel inside (or even when I watch footage later)! I get major pre-shoot jitters every single time. I strongly prefer being behind the scenes styling and I’m definitely more comfortable there, but I do enjoy the challenge of stepping in front of the camera and I feel lucky that people have responded well to me there.


When writing the NYLON daily LA newsletter, how did you manage to keep tabs on all the events happening around town?

My eyes and ears are always open. I grew up in L.A. and I have lived all over the city, so that helped. I like to stray from the usual boulevards and love stopping into random stores and restaurants and uncovering those hidden gems. I’ve also built some great relationships with local shops, designers, PR firms, etc. who email me about sales and events.


What is your favorite thing about living in LA?

Weather aside, I love the ability to turn off the hustle from time to time. I can zen-out a lot more here than I ever could in New York, but both cities definitely have their moments!


As someone with a great sense of high-low style, do you have any hidden gems you want to share for budget-conscious shopping? What about for snagging an amazing deal on designer goods?

You’d be surprised how many sick deals you can get from misspelled designer listings on eBay. Make sure you’ve got eBay alerts set for every possible typo. I get the best deals online and I rarely shop without a discount code – Karmaloop is always great in that department. I’ll wait it out for 20% off and free shipping and even after I buy, I keep checking the price reductions for a potential price adjustment. As a freelancer, money can be here today and gone tomorrow, so I’m always watching my wallet!


Since you like to DIY, we are wondering if you have any fall-inspired projects up your sleeve!

Every DIY I do is totally random: if I see it, want it and could make it – I’ll try it. I’ve been getting into more home-related DIY’s which will end up on my blog at some point. In terms of fashion, there one Comme des Garcons DIY I have in mind but I don’t want to give it away… you’ll have to keep checking my site for that one!


5 things you cannot leave home without…

1. iPhone, which serves as my calendar/iPod/email/etc. on the go.

2. My red Moleskine notebook and my favorite black Le Pen.

3. Mascara.

4. Chapstick.

5. A kiss from my dog Chewy.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I envy people with real answers to this question… I guess I hope that I’m financially stable, healthy, in a cute apartment with big windows, great shoes, and at the top of my game. A loving boyfriend wouldn’t hurt either. I would love my own boutique, but only time will tell.


What fall trend do you plan to wear into the ground?

I don’t know about trends, but I just got this amazing pair of pale pink sateen cropped trousers that I know I’ll be wearing non-stop! Those and hair barrettes.


AGAIN - The Pittsburgh SweaterAGAIN
NOOWORKS - The Big Emily Pillow in White


Unif - The Shoulder Peek Button Up in Sheer Red Leopard


Grey Antics - The Dolphine Shorts

Grey Antics

Boutique 9 Shoes - The High Roller Shoe in Brown

Boutique 9


Free People - The Rough and Tumble House Dress

Free People

Dr. Martens - The 1460 8-Eye Boot in Black Topos Hair

Dr. Martens

Super Sunglasses - The Lucia in Black


Joyrich - The Ambush Floral Leggings in Black


style stalker - The Damned Collar Shirt