Who you are and how are you living?
My name is Zahra Isabelle Laine, I’m 20 years old and I reside in a semi-big town in southern Sweden.


What inspires your look? 
In this look: Miami Vice, Fresh Prince, Tyler the Creator. Most other days: 80′s movies and every other villain.


Describe your style for us:
I’ve always found it hard to describe my style because whenever I write about what I like, I feel like I limit myself. I tend to just go with my gut when it comes to clothes. I like daring clothes that border (sometimes step a little over the line) on vulgarity, and I like mixing broadly contrasting pieces. For example, Swedish minimalist meets San Diego chola. One thing I stick with though, is that I love the badass bitch attitude, and I love being the girl who doesn’t give a fuck. I like wearing pieces people would walk past in stores and be like “What theeeee?!”. Buying those clothes and wearing them is a challenge, and it’s a fun one. I like wearing  clothes that are like people–not perfect–and showing off their best sides, so that people might see that really… they’re not that bad.


What are some of your favorite brands? 
Married to the Mob, Michael Angel, Hellz Bellz, Christian Siriano, Givenchy, Dimepiece Designs.


If you could wear just one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It would be a brand that is simple yet versatile. So that you wouldn’t get bored but still could dress down if you wanted to, like Vans, Adidas or Nike.


What do you think of the current state of fashion?
With all the dramatic events occurring the last few years I really hope everything calms down and the people involved starts focusing on work again.


Any upcoming brands that you’re looking at?
Right now I’m actually trying to keep it on the down low, considering the fact that I’m already lusting for so many items from so many different brands… My bank account can’t handle all this pressure. I usually just keep track of my favorite brands, and go a little extra crazy whenever they do collaborations. (I love the Supreme x Vans collaboration, the zebra-printed orange/black pair of shoes; unfortunately I haven’t found them in girl sizes yet.) I’m also in love with the Jemma heel from Dolce Vita and the new watches from Mishka.


Describe yourself in 10 words:

Loyal, moody, caring, free, fearless, loving, creative, restless, (always) satisfied (but never) content.


Do you have a website?
I have a blog called Weapons Of Mass Seduction which you can find at http://nyheter24.se/nextinfashion/zahraisabelle.