Julie popped in this evening and of course no visit to the Karmaloop office is complete without a frazzled stylist using your friendship as a bartering tool to make you model for them. Julie was a good sport, as always, and suffered me to doll her up in an apparently “Jenini-esque” ensemble. More often than not I find myself to turning to an outfit like this as a go-to, due to it’s comfort and general easiness.

A reliable slouchy long sleeved top, paired with the perfect denim cut offs, a comfy pair of heeled boots (these are our exclusive with Matiko, and aren’t out yet! but will be very soon), and an even snugglier parka? Perfection! This outfit won’t fail you, rain or shine.

Styled by myself, modeled by the sweetest sweetheart Julie, and photographed by my favorite lady love Jackie.