Serefina Mini Mesh Studs

Handmade and eco-conscious, Serefina Jewelry is certainly a brand to keep on your radar.  The collection of unique pieces is inspired by San Francisco and created from exotic feathers, semi precious stones, and other natural materials.  We had a chance to touch base with Serefina’s Saemee Youn to learn a bit more about the brand.

Tell us a bit about Serefina–How did you get started?

Serefina was inspired by the free spirit of San Francisco! It was founded in July 2010 out of a garage-turned studio. Ever since our first debut in August 2010, our line has grown rapidly, building clients all over US, Japan and Europe. We design, source and manufacture the majority of our items right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also take extensive trips to Thailand to develop  our woven and beaded line of bracelets with our family. We like to keep things unique and wish to offer accessories that no one else offers.

How do you choose your materials?

Do you love feathers? We love feathers! We hunt for vintage chains and findings to assemble them in a modern and unconventional ways with our natural feathers. When we get our vintage findings, we play around bending, changing, adding things to make the pieces more interesting. Our studio is always filled with new prototypes, and our fingers are always covered with superglue, spraypaint and gold leaf. During our frequent trips to Thailand, we hand pick our stone beads, fresh water pearls, and crystals to develop into our wrap bracelets. Choosing material is always really fun.

If you could see anyone in your jewelry, who would it be?

It would be nice to see a Sartoralist post with a beautiful lady in Milan wearing Serefina accessories, no?

Tell us a bit about your fall collection, what inspired it?

Our fall collection was designed with the streets of in mind. We wanted to achieve effortless chic by making things simple, wearable, and with lots of metal components.

Where do you see Serefina in 5 years? 

I see Serefina growing into a household name, with extended brands covering unisex and mens accessories (I promise you it will not be called Serefino!) But, who know where we could be? All I know is that I will love our company just as much as I love it now :)


Serefina Mesh Feather Wing Necklace